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marriage in buddhism


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How does Buddhism view marriage?
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Marriage is viewed as a spiritual development in Buddhism, with emphasis on mutual respect, care and compassion. Buddhists believe in the importance of a spiritual connection between married couples, which should be nurtured throughout life. Marriage is viewed as an opportunity for personal growth, with partners being encouraged to support each other's spiritual development.
Marriage in Buddhism
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Karma: The Buddhist belief that every action has a consequence and that every person is responsible for their own actions. Dharma: The teachings of Buddhism which provide guidelines for living a moral and spiritual life. Sangha: The Buddhist monastic community consisting of ordained monks, nuns, and lay followers.
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In Buddhism, marriage is not considered a religious ritual but rather a social contract between two people. The traditional Buddhist marriage ceremony often includes a procession, offerings to the Buddhas, chanting of sutras, and the exchange of rings and flowers. Buddhism does not recognize a marriage as permanent. Instead, it is viewed as a union of two individuals who voluntarily decide to be together.
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Work together in pairs: What are three key teachings of Buddhism that inform its perspective on marriage?
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Work together in pairs: What is the concept of "karmic marriage" in Buddhism and how does it differ from a traditional marriage?
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Brain break: Create a three dimensional art piece that captures the concept of "inclusion". The art piece must incorporate at least five different materials and include a written explanation of why each material was chosen.
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In Buddhism, what is the traditional view of marriage?
  • A sacred union between two equals
  • A contractual agreement between two families
  • An obligation to produce children
  • A way to gain fortune and favor
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What is the purpose of marriage according to Buddhism?
  • To gain wealth and prosperity
  • To achieve enlightenment
  • To create a lineage
  • To cultivate lovingkindness
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What is the Buddhist view of divorce?
  • Divorce is encouraged
  • Divorce is discouraged but sometimes allowed
  • Divorce is allowed under certain circumstances
  • Divorce is never allowed
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What is the Buddhist view of polygamy?
  • Polygamy is encouraged
  • Polygamy is discouraged
  • Polygamy is allowed under certain circumstances
  • Polygamy is never allowed
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What is the Buddhist view of same-sex marriage?
  • Same-sex marriage is encouraged
  • Same-sex marriage is discouraged
  • Same-sex marriage is allowed under certain circumstances
  • Same-sex marriage is never allowed

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