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social class in workplace diversity


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In two words, how would you describe social class in workplace diversity?
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Social Class in Workplace Diversity
Promoting workplace diversity should include social class as a factor. Including social class in diversity efforts can help create a more equitable work environment. Social class diversity can ensure that all voices are heard in the workplace.
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Classism: The belief that individuals and groups of people in society are inherently unequal due to their social class. Class Blindness: The lack of awareness or attention to the effects of social class on an individual or group. Class Stratification: The process in which people are sorted into different social classes based on economic, educational, and other factors.
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What is the most important aspect of social class diversity in the workplace?
  • Inclusion of all socioeconomic backgrounds in the workplace
  • Recognizing inequalities in the workplace
  • Creating a sense of belonging for all employees
  • Providing resources to support employees across all social classes
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Did you know?
Research shows that diversity in the workplace leads to better financial performance and higher stock prices. Organizations that focus on creating a culture of inclusion and belonging, regardless of social class, can see an increase in employee engagement and commitment. Organizations with higher concentrations of lower class employees show higher levels of creativity and innovation.
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How has workplace diversity changed in terms of social class over the last decade?
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What challenges have been seen in terms of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace environment in terms of social class?
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What experiences have you had in terms of workplace diversity in terms of social class?
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How can organizations create a more equitable workplace with regards to social class?

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