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How does light interact with different objects? During summer, what do you think should be the color of the clothes you wear?
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Lesson 3
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Wear your earphones
4. Open question
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Describe your 8D Virtual Haircut experience.
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Sound waves are vibrations of air that create the sound we hear. Sound is created when something vibrates and sends sound waves through the air. Sound waves travel through different materials, like air, water, and metal.
The Magic of Sound Waves
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Read pages 118-120
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Sound waves can travel through outer space! The speed of sound is different in different temperatures and materials. The loudest sound ever recorded was from a volcano eruption!
Fun facts:
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Work together in groups: What is the speed of sound in air?
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Work together in groups: What is the difference between a sound wave and an electromagnetic wave?
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What is a sound wave?
  • A wave of air particles
  • A wave of sound particles
  • A wave of light particles
  • A wave of water particles
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What does a sound wave need in order to travel?
  • A vacuum
  • A source of energy
  • A medium
  • A surface
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How is the pitch of a sound wave affected?
  • It is affected by the amplitude of the wave
  • It is affected by the number of cycles per second
  • It is affected by the frequency of the wave
  • It is affected by the speed of the wave
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Answer page 121
15. Drawings
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Brain break: Create a drawing that illustrates an unexpected adventure in an unusual place. The drawing should include a character, a setting, and a surprise element. Be creative and have fun!

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