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stock market crash of 1929


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In what year did the stock market crash of the 20th Century occur?
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Objective - 1. Be able to define what the stock market is 2. Be able to identify the specific causes of the Stock Market Crash 3. Discuss the Great Depression in relation to the Stock Market Crash
Chapter 8 Section 1 - Stock Market Crash
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Stock Market Crash: A significant decline in stock prices that occurs over a period of time. Economic Downturn: A period of economic decline, typically marked by decreased production, increased unemployment, and decreased consumer spending. Unsustainable Boom: A period of rapid economic growth that is not sustainable over the long-term. Margin Buying: pay part of stock price and borrow the rest from a stockbroker who had borrowed the money from the banks (all must repay with interest) Recession: A business cycle contraction that occurs when there is a general decline in economic activity.
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September 1929 1. Stocks rise to record levels 2. Fear that increase would end 3. Investors began to sell stocks at a rapid rate 4. Stock prices fell 5. Brokers demand repayment of loans 6. Investors sell more stock to pay off debts 7. Prices fell even more 8. October 24th = Black Thursday – Panic! 13 million share sold 9. October 29th = Black Tuesday – Market crashes and 16 million shares changed hands 10. New York Stock Exchange closes for a few days
Identify the causes of the Stock Market Crash of 1929
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Work together in pairs: What were some of the economic, social, and political effects of the stock market crash of 1929?
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In what year did the stock market crash of the 20th Century occur?
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What caused the stock market crash of 1929?
  • The rise of the value of stocks
  • The invention of the Ice Cream Cone
  • Buying Stocks with credit/loans
  • The Changing of Culture
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What happened to the US economy after the stock market crash of 1929?
  • It immediately recovered
  • A recession occurred
  • The US economy never recovered
  • The Stock Market never reopened
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How long did the Great Depression last?
  • 3 years
  • 5 years
  • 10 years
  • 12 years
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What was the average unemployment rate during the Great Depression?
  • 1%
  • 5%
  • 15%
  • 25%
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At the start of the crash, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 381 points, and when it bottomed out in July 1932, it had fallen to 41 points - a decline of 89%. The crash was partly caused by an increase in margin buying, where investors borrowed money to buy stocks. The Great Depression resulting from the crash lasted until World War II began in 1939.
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