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water terrorism


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1. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw a snail with a backpack going on a hike in the woods.
2. Word cloud
120 seconds
What is one word to describe water terrorism?
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60 seconds
Explain the different methods of protecting water supply to determine the most effective method.
Learning objective:
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Water terrorism is the intentional use of water as a weapon or tool to harm people and damage property. It includes activities like contaminating water resources, diverting water from its intended purpose, and manipulating water infrastructure. It can have devastating effects on people, wildlife, and the environment.
Water Terrorism
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Water Terrorism: The deliberate contamination of a water supply, usually for political or ideological reasons. Bio-Terrorism: The intentional release of a pathogen, such as a virus or bacteria, into a water source to cause illness or death in a population. Water Security: The protection of water resources from intentional or accidental contamination and the prevention of disruption of access to clean water.
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The United Nations Security Council declared access to clean water and sanitation as a basic human right in 2010. Water terrorism involves the deliberate pollution of water sources with the intent of causing harm to human or animal life. In the United States, the EPA has the authority to prosecute water terrorists under the Clean Water Act.
Did you know?
7. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: What are the long-term implications of water terrorism, and why is it important to protect the water supply from this form of terrorism?
8. Open question
180 seconds
Give two examples of terrorism on the water supply in the United States that you can think of.
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Choose 5 events in history of water conflict in order to make a timeline.
10. Poll
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What is water terrorism?
  • A form of terrorism that involves the use of water resources
  • A form of terrorism that involves water contamination
  • A form of terrorism that targets animals in water habitats
  • A form of terrorism that involves kidnapping people in water bodies
11. Poll
60 seconds
What is the main goal of water terrorism?
  • Cause panic and chaos
  • Destroy the environment
  • Gain political power
  • Rob people of their belongings
12. Poll
60 seconds
What are some examples of water terrorism?
  • Contaminating drinking water
  • Sabotaging water infrastructure
  • Staging water-related accidents
  • Stealing boats from marinas
13. Poll
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What are the consequences of water terrorism?
  • Environmental damage
  • Financial losses
  • Human casualties
  • Loss of trust in public institutions
14. Poll
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What can be done to prevent water terrorism?
  • Increase public awareness
  • Increase security around water resources
  • Monitor and regulate water pollution
  • Set up international water treaties
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