Curipod Live

Make question asking fun and interactive in the classroom


Curipod Live sparks instant engagement

Curipod Live works great in the classroom, completely remote or in a hybrid situation. Whether students are remote or not, they all have a chance to participate.

Why it works

Friendly competition
Limited time for asking questions reduce barriers and spark curiosity
Everyone participate - also the ones on the back row
" After starting to use Curipod, asking questions became so much fun! "
Robert T. Student, 15

The pedagogical background


Socratic Questioning

Socratic Questioning helps students become active and independent learners. Learning to think creatively and critically are core skills for students. Curipod Live is built to support this.


Active learning

Active learning is at the heart of Curipod Live. Students actively ask questions, reflect and discuss. This improves students performance.


Flow state

Or better known as being "in the zone", is when you do an activity and are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, and enjoyment. Curipod Live helps students into "the zone"

Ideas for using Curipod Live


Kickstart your class with 100% student participation

Start your class with Curipod Live where every student participates, asking questions about today's topic and getting ready for your class


Sum up the class inclusively

End the class with a Curipod Live. This is a perfect chance to clear up any last doubts related to the class, where even the shyest students participate.


Best way to spread the word?

Run a Curipod Live with your teacher colleagues to see how well it works in action.