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Save teachers hundreds of hours - letting them focus on what they do best, the teaching!


Engaged students perform better

Students using Curipod are more engaged, perform better and stay in school.

" Curipod is like a time machine. I get an hour back every day because the students are helping each other. It's amazing! "
Karl P. Professor, 61
Students asking each other questions

Peer-to-peer learning

Nothing is better than students learning from each other. Getting peer-to-peer collaboration started is tough, though. We help instructors facilitate peer-to-peer learning. And students love it!

Two students chatting after asking for help

Reduce social cost of asking for help

Students engage more in private. Students can always ask questions in private, and students can ask questions using nicknames to reduce the social cost of asking for help.

Complete design with a person engaging from a wheel chair

Drive engagement by including everyone

Reducing the social cost of asking for help benefits everyone, especially the ones that struggle and are too afraid of asking. Make sure the unmotivated students become more curious, also the students with disabilities.


Reach students outside of lectures

Some students study at night. Collect questions any time and answer at your own pace. Students tell us they’d rather just submit the question and wait for an answer, than to note it down and visit a professor during office hours.

A person walking up stairs of books

Create FAQ’s from private discussions

Students get inspired by other students’ discussions. Capture the knowledge of the faculty and let students easily tap into it. Convert private discussions into searchable FAQ articles to spark more curiosity.

A team of people

Lower the workload of professors

Let PhD students, teaching assistants and professors answer questions from the same “pool”, lowering the workload of the professors. Easily organise and set expectations of response time by setting up office hours in the platform.

A man configuring using switches

Private environment and branding

If you want students to feel at home, you can add your own school name and logo. Get your very own subdomain, e.g., myuniversitycareforstudents.curipod.com

Three people looking at a graph

Learning analytics

Read live reports on the student activity. Understand what your students are wondering about and adjust your courses to better fit your students pace of learning.

A woman planting the european gdpr flag with a lock in its center

Best in class GDPR privacy standards

Privacy is a core principle in reducing the social cost of asking for help. Our whole platform has been created with privacy by design. We are fully GDPR compliant, and all data is stored in the EU.

A man configuring lots of options

Easily integrated with Canvas, Black board, Moodle, Itslearning and Padlet

The login experience is super important. We integrate with your login provider, and if we don’t support it yet, we will add it!

A desktop and a mobile phone

Use your favourite device

Curipod works great on both mobile and desktop. Use what you prefer, or both!

A woman calling at night

Caring support

Asking for help is tough, that is why we built Curipod. This means we care deeply about you asking us for help as well! No question is stupid and we are always available.

Artificial intelligence receiving a note from a woman

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Say good bye to difficult content browsing by keywords in your LMS and provide a great search experience tailored to your students. Let our AI extract and make sense of FAQs and discussions, and provide recommendations.

A woman looking at the world globe with lots of pins spread across

Multi language support

We are adding more languages every month. If we don’t have yours yet, we will make it happen!


Save time using Curipod with your LMS

Curipod can be integrated into a range of different LMS’s.


Security and privacy in focus

Curipod is designed with privacy first, and comply with GDPR and international security standards.

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