Spark curiosity, discussion and critical thinking in the classroom

For too long, education has been focusing on remembering, recalling and memorising.

the Curipod team


We are on a mission to help teachers spark curiosity, discussion and critical thinking in the classroom.

We want to help create learning experiences which excite the students, and where the neighbouring classrooms can hear the buzz from students discussing. Because we believe students will learn more, keep the joy for learning, and be better prepared for a world which is changing more rapidly than ever.

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The team

Co-founder & CEO

Jens Aarre Seip

Co-founder & CEO

I believe curiosity is the most important prerequisite for learning. At 17, I dropped out of high school, and it was a bumpy road finding back my own curiosity. Fast forward to 2019, I was in Singapore studying for my master’s degree, and doing a project on education in collaboration with McKinsey & Company. Insights from this project, my own school background, and long passionate discussions with Eirik and Frikk about how we believe education should be, sparked the idea of Curipod.

I learn something new everyday, and it would never happen if it wasn’t for the inner motivation I found while studying. A couple of years later, having experience from building software and products, I’m still in pursuit of learning things in a quick and ever lasting way.

Co-founder & CTO

Frikk Fossan

Co-founder & CTO

Academic lead

Eirik Hernes Berre

Co-Founder & COO

Hey there, I'm Eirik, and education is my life's passion. I was born with a Hermione reflex, if someone asks question my hand shoots off into the air. I loved school, and I’m a big geek! I have worked as an educator in both Norway and Mozambique, and I love teaching. The best side of teaching is that you get to learn everything twice. As a co-founder of Curipod, I'm on a mission to make students curious and give teachers more time with their students and families. I believe that education is the key to unlocking a better future for all, and I'm committed to making that a reality. Let's change the world together! When I'm not changing the world you will usually find me reading Harry Potter, LARPing or other nerdy activities, or just running.

I love learning new things and the discussions that follow from new insights. During my studies at NTNU, I worked as a part-time teacher for over 5 years and have firsthand experience of the struggles in the classroom. With my master's in AI technology and previous experience in building great products, I know that I want to combine my passion for education and technology to help spark curiosity in the classroom. Curipod is the perfect place for me, as I get to build a product that teachers thrive to use while working with the latest AI technology.

Employee with his cat named Lusk

Eskild Ruud Mageli /w Lusk (cat-chief)

Senior Software and AI engineer


Ellen Barkost

Product Manager

I love new experiences, acquiring new skills and perspectives. However, as a young student, my discipline and drive to deliver results, hindered my curiosity to explore something out of interest. Eventually, after pursuing studies in Psychology, Design and Entrepreneurship, I re-discovered my curious spark solving real problems for people. With Curipod, I hope to help every student get in touch with their curious side, to make learning a meaningful and fun part of life. When I’m not talking to educators or pondering new solutions, you’ll find me in the ski tracks, or ticking off my growing list of Oslo experiences.

I have a pretty diverse background, having studied Zoology at university, I've researched animals around the world. I loved school and with a mix of dyslexia and ADHD I've always had to be creative with learning. The skills I gained were put to good use when I worked as a private tutor. So how did I become a software engineer? I was introduced to the joy of coding at a startup summer school in Japan and have never looked back. I love that I can combine all my experiences and join Curipod helping students learn to love learning.

Employee with a deer in Japan

Sophie Haugland Pedersen

Software Engineer

Our values

We build with Curiosity

Curious people drive the world forward, they question established truths, they learn fast, and they are incredibly fun to work with. We always approach challenges and meet new people with curiosity.

We build with empathy

We want every student to participate, and we don’t settle if 29 out 30 do. To build something which resonates with every student is really hard, and we believe that without empathy we will never get there. Also, we really like to be around nice people 😊

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Strong backing


Sondo Capital

Sagene Tech Ventures

What drives us

We believe the best learning happens when you learn because you are deeply motivated to learn and grow. Our way of helping you find this motivation is by helping you ask questions and discuss with others.

The most impact we can do is by building technology that connects learners and enable teachers to spend less time planning and more time helping learners be more curious together.


Educational technology made in Norway

We are a remote distributed team based in Norway. Being a part of Scandinavia’s thriving edtech culture, we bring the latest development of edtech inspired by Scandianvian pedagogy.

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