The Curipod Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator program

Equip your teachers with the tools, strategies, and processes needed to handle the challenges and opportunities with artificial intelligence.

The AI Accelerator program

Artificial intelligence is transforming society and education, and the Curipod AI accelerator program is your opportunity to take the lead! The Curipod AI accelerator program - batch 2, is designed to help a few selected schools and districts accelerate their competence within AI and become a leader within the space, providing the best education supported by artificial intelligence. The program will be run by the Curipod team. They have built the leading educational AI tool used all over the world and guarantee real change!

“It speaks to the quality of the program that multiple teachers were able to introduce Curipod in their classroom the day after the first session”

“I loved their pedagogical approach of thinking about instruction first and technology second”