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Breaking Language Barriers for Young Developing Multilinguals

If AI can do so many things… Can it do my work for me? Or maybe some part of my work for me?


A Curipod Case Study By Aileen Wallace

Who would have thought that AI would be the thing that helped me tie together all those strategies I have been struggling to make work in my classroom for years?




9 spørsmål og svar om fagfornyelsen

Her finner du en FAQ om fagfornyelsen og LK20


6 tips til hvordan du kan bruke ordsky i undervisningen

Ordsky kan brukes på mange måter i undervisningen. Her er 6 tips til inspirasjon.


5 Steps to Get Stakeholder Buy-in for a New Idea

Next time you need to get stakeholder buy-in for an idea, consider trying these 5 steps.


The complete guide to online brainstorming and ideation

Online brainstorming helps you bring out the best ideas from your team, so you can make better decisions together. But organising it can be difficult. How do you make sure everyone’s heard? And how do you avoid a logistical nightmare?


Why do a team health check?

Ensure team phsychological safety


Lars sine topp tre undervisningstips

Tre undervisningstips fra superunderviser Lars fra Nord universitet


Students` response to Curipod at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Find out what sudents really think about using Curipod


Curipod, GDPR, cloud vendors and Schrems II

How Curipod is handling the implications of Schrems II


5 tips for å skape nysgjerrighet i klasserommet

Her deler jeg noen tips til aktiviteter inspirert av alle de dyktige lærerne vi


5 ways to create curiosity in the classroom

Here we have collected a few activities we have learned from the teachers we speak to daily in Curipod. Big thanks to them!


36 Norske læringsteknologiselskap som endrer hvordan vi lærer

Norsk læringsteknologi (edtech) skyter fart. Her finner du 36 norske edtech-selskap som brenner for læring.