Ai in Curipod

Leading with AI: Ensuring Responsible Implementation in our Schools and Districts

As school leaders and teachers, we all experience pressure to implement new and important technologies in our classrooms. However, this also comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that these technologies are being used safely and responsibly.

Designed for teachers

Curipod' s AI tools are designed specifically for teachers. With the rapidly changing field of AI, it can be difficult for teachers to know how to use and integrate these new technologies into their classrooms. Curipod is designed to amplify the teacher's abilities and support their instruction, rather than replace them.

Data privacy

One of the biggest concerns with AI is data privacy. Many AI software's send personal data to the AI model, which can put student and teacher privacy at risk. Curipod is committed to responsible use of AI and protecting data privacy. Our AI models do not receive any personal data from students or teachers, ensuring that your school's data is safe and secure.

Used and controlled by the teacher - No cheating

Cheating is another challenge that schools may face when implementing AI. However, with Curipod, cheating is not a concern as our AI models are only used and controlled by the teacher. The teacher has the final say in all usage, reducing their workload without risk of cheating.

Assists the teacher

Using AI can be challenging and requires a certain level of finesse. Curipod is there to help teachers use AI in a safe way. AI content needs to be fact-checked and Curipod helps teachers understand what needs to be fact-checked. Curipod also provides guidance on how to fact-check AI content and use it effectively in the classroom.

Helps schools and districts navigate

Navigating AI for schools can be difficult, but Curipod is here to help. We are constantly following the latest developments in copyright and data privacy related to AI, so you can rest assured that our tool is always up to date and compliant with the latest regulations. With Curipod, schools can safely and responsibly integrate AI into their classrooms.