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If you are a small school with less than 200 students, we want to make Curipod affordable for you, also. Please contact for a small school quote.

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  • All core features
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited Curipods
  • 20 monthly translator credits
  • 1000 character limit on student responses for AI feedback
  • Email and chat support

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  • Everything from "Free"
  • Unlimited Translated slides
  • Download as PDF
  • 2300 character limit on student responses for AI feedback
  • Customizable AI Feedback for students
  • Premium Generators
  • Individual student report

$ 15.00 per month

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See what teachers & students are saying

From New Teachers- Saving Time:

I am a new teacher and am having to build TWO curriculums for my school. Curipod has helped me save so much time in getting our daily activities together so THANK YOU!!!

Teacher at Paragon Prep

The Students Experience:

My experience with Curipod was pretty fun. It was a fun escape from boring work. When we could be doing boring SEL, Ms. Garcia would hop on Curipod. My face would light up. Curipod helped me improve my writing as well. I really love that Curipod has a drawing option. I can express my art and show off to my classmates. My favorite part is that it doesn't show your names.

6th Grade Student from Garcia Middle School

The Student Engagement:

I never have to beg my students to participate if it's in a Curipod. They hear the music start, and they are there.

Christie Cloud, Coweta County Schools

The Students Experience:

My experience using the Curipod platform is the best because you can create your opinions and AI gives you feedback about how you can make your writing better.

6th Grade Student from Garcia Middle School

On Student Engagement:

The most important thing is that the students loved it and it was a way to get every student involved in the lesson.

Curipod First Time User

On Student Engagement:

OMG this is amazing! So engaging I am in tears.

Curipod First Time User

On the Teaching Experience:

It was an amazing teaching experience. My students were engaged on slides that involved conversation. They were using language taught in that content area. They loved being able to respond to a variety of questions. They all voted to use this again.

Teacher at Portsmouth Public Schools

On AI Generation - Saving Time:

I liked that I didn't have to come up with a lesson, I just typed it in and AI developed a review for me for my Fossil Fuels unit. All the information was accurate to what I had taught during the unit! It was awesome.

Curipod First Time User

On AI feedback:

AI feedback is a game changer…. The experience was mind blowing

Curipod First Time User

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