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"Does it Matter?" by Siegfried Sassoon


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1. Drawings
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Checkin: Draw/write - What emotion do you feel at the moment?
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This poem explores the struggles of a soldier dealing with the physical and psychological effects of war. The poem highlights the suffering of a soldier and the emptiness of life after their traumatic experiences. Students can consider how this poem reflects on the physical and emotional scars of war.
Exploring the Poem “Does it Matter?” by Siegfried Sassoon
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The War: Does It Matter? is a poem by Siegfried Sassoon about the horrors of war, and the question of whether it is worth it in the end. Moral Injury: Moral injury is psychological harm that a person experiences as a result of witnessing or participating in acts that go against their own moral beliefs. The Futility of War: The poem highlights the futility of war, suggesting that no matter how much effort is put into it, nothing good can come out of it.
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In your own words, what is the main message of “Does it Matter?”
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In Siegfried Sassoon's poem 'Does it Matter?', what is the most important message Sassoon is conveying?
  • That war should always be avoided at all costs
  • That death in war is inevitable and should not be mourned
  • That patriotism is futile in the face of tragedy
  • That all life is precious and should be protected
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Siegfried Sassoon was a decorated British World War I veteran and wrote 'Does it Matter?' in response to the heavy losses of the war. The poem was first published in the literary magazine 'The Dial' in 1918. The poem was included in the anthology 'The Faber Book of War Poetry' in 2006, which was edited by George Walter.
Did you know?
7. Open question
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What themes does Siegfried Sassoon explore in 'Does it Matter?'
8. Open question
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What is the purpose or message of the poem?
9. Open question
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How does Sassoon's poem relate to your own experience?
10. Open question
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What do you think Sassoon wants us to remember?

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