State and District Privacy Agreements

Curipod abides by federal safety and privacy legislation such as FERPA and COPPA. In addition, we know that many states and districts require a signed data privacy agreement. If your district or state require such a DPA please find the relevant DPA in the list below, and we would be happy to sign it.

Student data privacy is one of our top priorities. Do you have any questions or feedback regarding data privacy in Curipod, please reach out directly to our CEO at

Links to privacy policy agreements by state

State Link to data privacy agreement

Arkansas -

Arizona -

California -

Florida -

Iowa -

Illinois -

Massachusetts -

Maine -

Minnesota -

Missouri -

Montana -

North Carolina -

Nebraska -

New Hampshire -

Ohio -

Oklahoma -

Oregon -

Rhode Island -

Tennessee -

Texas -

Utah -

Virginia -

Vermont -

Washington -

Wisconsin -

Wyoming -

Is your state not on the list?

Don’t worry! Please send an email to with the data privacy agreement your district or state is using, and we will happily review it and come back to you promptly.