The Curipod Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator program

Equip your teachers with the tools, strategies and processes needed to handle the challenges and opportunities with artificial intelligence.

the Curipod team

Artificial intelligence is transforming society and education, and the Curipod AI accelerator program is your opportunity to take the lead! The Curipod AI accelerator program is designed to help a few selected schools and district accelerate their competence within AI and become a leader within the space, providing the best education supported by artificial intelligence.

The program will be run by the founders of Curipod, They have founded the leading educational AI tool used all over the world and are a guarantee for real change!

Who is the accelerator program for?

  • A few selected schools and districts with leadership motivated to take a leading role influencing how AI will transform education.

What does the accelerator program include?

  • Professional development sessions for teachers covering introduction to AI, the risks and limitations, and practical advice for using AI to save time and improve learning outcomes.
  • Heavily discounted school/district license for Curipod.
  • Network with like-minded innovative educational leaders from around the world.
  • The school/district will get a Curipod AI certification after completing the accelerator program.

What do the program cost?

  • It is a requirement to purchase a school/district license for Curipod (with a heavy discount). Other than this, the rest of the program is completely free of charge.

The application process

To apply, fill out this form and we will reach out to schedule a short 30 min chat to learn more about your motivation for joining the AI accelerator program. After this we will come back to you in a couple of days to let you know if your school/district is accepted into the program. Just so you know - we have very limited spots, so if your school/district is not accepted it does not mean that you can’t apply again at a later time.

You can also schedule a meeting with us here, any time to learn more about the program.

Please note that we have rolling admission and review applicants regularly.

Program Lead

Jens Aarre Seip

CEO & Co-Founder of Curipod

Jens, CEO and Co-Founder of Curipod, is dedicated to transforming education through AI. Having personally experienced the lack of motivation as a student and dropping out of high school, he returned with a renewed focus and has become a trailblazer in AI education. Under his leadership, Curipod has become the world's leading AI education tool.

Program Lead

Eirik Hernes Berre

COO & Co-Founder of Curipod

Eirik is a seasoned educator with expertise in working with schools and districts in Norway a leading country in transforming education and Africa. With the rise of artificial intelligence in education, Eirik understands the challenges faced by teachers and administrators and helps them navigate the opportunities and overcome the risks. As the COO and Co-Founder of Curipod, Eirik is part of a team dedicated to transforming education through AI.

AI Expert

Eskild Ruud Mageli

Lead AI Engineer - Curipod

Eskild is the Lead AI Engineer at Curipod, responsible for building the Curipod AI system. With his previous experience as a teacher, Eskild is a natural at explaining the intricacies of generative AI to educators in a way that is both clear and engaging. His expertise is an invaluable asset to the Curipod team and the schools and districts participating in the AI accelerator program.


Amanda Fox

Author of new bestseller: The AI Classroom

Amanda Fox, is the Chief Content Officer for Teachergoals and currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky. She has taught English Language Arts, Social Studies, Film, Journalism, and enjoys writing, illustrating, and cooking in her free time.