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Hamlet, Act 5

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1. Drawings
360 seconds
Block 2 Do Now - Write/Draw on the meaning/context of the following quote: “Horatio: Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight, sweet prince/And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”
2. Drawings
360 seconds
Checkin: On a scale of 1-5 (i.e., 1 is low and 5 is high) how confused are you about Hamlet's story?
3. Poll
60 seconds
Why do the gravediggers debate Ophelia's burial?
  • Because she's not of the royal family and shouldn't be treated as such
  • Because she committed suicide and doesn't deserve a proper Christian burial
  • Because she should be buried alongside her father and not alone
4. Poll
60 seconds
What does Hamlet contemplate when he sees Yorick's (the court jester) skull?
  • Whether he should live or die
  • When he will finally kill King Claudius
  • How we all turn to dust in the end
5. Poll
60 seconds
What argument takes places between Laertes and Hamlet?
  • Who loves Ophelia more
  • Who hates King Claudius more
  • Who misses their dead father more
6. Poll
60 seconds
What changes did Hamlet make to the letter written by Claudius to England ordering his death?
  • For Rosencrantz & Guildenstern to be killed
  • For Laertes to be killed
  • For Queen Gertrude to be killed
7. Poll
60 seconds
How do Laertes and King Claudius plan to kill Hamlet?
  • Poison him with a sword during a duel
  • Get Fortinbras to kill him with his army
  • Poison him in his sleep like King Hamlet
8. Poll
60 seconds
Who dies by the poisoned drink? Who dies by the poisoned sword?
  • Claudius & Gertrude; Laertes & Hamlet
  • Claudius & Hamlet; Gertrude & Laertes
  • Gertrude & Laertes; Hamlet & Gertrude
9. Poll
60 seconds
Who becomes the new King of Denmark?
  • Prince Hamlet
  • Horatio
  • Prince Fortinbras
10. Personalised Feedback
240 seconds
"Write a eulogy for Hamlet that highlights his strengths and weaknesses as a tragic hero."
11. Drawings
510 seconds
Create a drawing depicting the dramatic finale of Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2, showcasing key characters and actions.

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