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09/21 Spreadsheets

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Happy Critical Thinking Thursday!
Finish Week 1 and Get started with Week 2 of Keyboarding without Tears Teacher's Pin: DX9UAB
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Name one type of spreadsheet software.
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Spreadsheets: A Powerful Tool
Spreadsheets are a powerful tool used to organize data and perform calculations. They use rows and columns to store numbers and text. Spreadsheets are used in many fields, from finance to science.
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Spreadsheet: A tool used to organize data into rows and columns. It is used to create charts, graphs, and formulas to analyze data.
Formulas: Instructions used to calculate values in a spreadsheet, usually involving math.
Charts and Graphs: Visual representations of data in a spreadsheet that help to organize and compare data.
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Do you think spreadsheets are important for students to learn?
  • Yes, it is important.
  • No, it is too complicated.
  • Maybe, it depends on the student's interests and level.
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Did you know?
An early version of the spreadsheet program was created by a French engineer in 1979. The first interactive electronic spreadsheet program was VisiCalc, which was released in 1979. The name 'spreadsheet' comes from the paper-based accounting worksheets that have columns and rows, which can be used to organize data.
7. Open question
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What are some of the advantages of using spreadsheets?
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How can spreadsheets be used to solve problems?
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How can you use a spreadsheet to organize and track your monthly expenses?
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How can spreadsheets help you to organize data?
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Imagine you have a magic paper that can do math for you! Spreadsheets are like that magic paper. They help us organize numbers and make calculations easily. You can put numbers in rows and columns, just like playing with blocks. Then, the magic happens! You can add, subtract, multiply or divide those numbers. It's super handy for keeping track of things or solving problems. Spreadsheets make math fun!
12. Open question
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How can you use spreadsheet formulas to calculate data?

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