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4/12 ELA


Curipod generated lesson: "Test prep". #5-7

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1. Open question
180 seconds
List your top 3 takeaways from the crash course video
2. Open question
120 seconds
Write a thoughtful response to the TedTalk
3. Open question
330 seconds
Analyze Source 4 and write an objective summary of the information. The summary should compare and contrast the different types of service animals and their functions.
4. Open question
120 seconds
What type of support dog must wear identifying gear?
5. Open question
120 seconds
What is the purpose of Source 4?
6. Poll
20 seconds
What are service animals?
  • A. Regular pets
  • B. Animals that help people with disabilities
  • C. Animals that help people navigate through streets
  • D. Animals that help people go shopping
7. Open question
270 seconds
Recall: What is the ADA?
8. Poll
20 seconds
What type of disability would a seizure alert dog help with?
  • A. Physical disability
  • B. Hearing impairment
  • C. Visual impairment
  • D. Epilepsy
9. Poll
20 seconds
What is the most common type of service animal?
  • A. Guide dog
  • B. Mobility dog
  • C. Seizure alert dog
  • D. Signal dog
10. Poll
60 seconds
What is the meaning of the word "scrutinize"?
  • A. To ignore something
  • B. To study closely and carefully
  • C. To criticize harshly
  • D. To speak in public
11. Poll
20 seconds
What is the correct definition of the word "inference"?
  • A. To state something without evidence
  • B. To give an explanation for something
  • C. To form a conclusion based on evidence and reasoning
  • D. To present a fact as an opinion
12. Poll
20 seconds
Which of the following is an example of a simile?
  • A. He ran as fast as a cheetah.
  • B. She was a shining star in the sky.
  • C. The wind whispered through the trees.
13. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Draw a dragon with butterfly wings wearing a superhero costume.
14. Slide
60 seconds
Make a study plan. Set aside time each day to review important concepts. Organize test materials. Gather textbooks, notes, and past exams. Practice test taking. Take online practice tests and review results.
Getting Ready for Test Season
15. Slide
60 seconds
Familiarization: Getting to know the format of the test and the types of questions that are asked on the test. Time Management: Learning how to appropriately manage the allotted time for each question on the test. Test Taking Strategies: Knowing helpful test taking strategies, such as eliminating incorrect choices or reading the questions carefully.
16. Slide
60 seconds
Most standardized tests used for college admissions are designed to measure aptitude rather than memorization Many students who take specialized test prep classes fare no better than those who don’t A lot of test prep materials are available for free online
Did you know?
17. Open question
300 seconds
What do you plan to do when Map testing
18. Open question
300 seconds
What resources do you use for test prep?
19. Open question
300 seconds
How do you feel about taking tests?
20. Open question
300 seconds
What have you learned from past test experiences?
21. Drawings
1260 seconds
Question: You are a group of 8th graders who are preparing for an exam they will have to take in two weeks. How can you best prepare for success on the exam? Clues: • Make a list of topics that will be on the test. • Talk to your teacher and ask for advice on how to study. • Create a study schedule and stick to it. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Create a study plan for the entire group or for each person individually. B. Create a study game to help you remember the topics that will be on the test.
22. Poll
60 seconds
What is the purpose of test prep?
  • To help students prepare for specific tests
  • To help students with their homework assignments
  • To teach new material
23. Poll
60 seconds
What should you do before starting your test prep?
  • Choose a quiet study space and gather necessary materials
  • Set up your laptop and phone nearby
  • Invite friends over to study together
24. Open question
180 seconds
How long should you spend on each practice problem during test prep?
25. Poll
60 seconds
Which of the following is not an effective test-taking strategy?
  • Rushing through questions and guessing when unsure
  • Reading all questions carefully before answering
  • Skipping difficult questions and coming back to them later.
26. Poll
60 seconds
When should you start your test prep process?
  • Several weeks before the exam date
  • The day before the exam date
  • After taking the exam

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