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What is phonics?
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Can you explain what phonics is and how it helps us to read and write?
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Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds. It helps children learn how to decode words and read fluently. It is both auditory and visual. Phonics is based on the letter/letter combinations and sound relationships to understand the 44 sounds or phonemes in English. Phonics is an important part of early literacy development.
What is Phonics?
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Phonemes: The smallest unit of sound in a language that can be distinguished from other sounds. Examples include /b/, /d/, and /s/. Graphemes: The letters or symbols that represent a sound. Examples include b, d, and s. Phonics: A method of teaching how to read by connecting sounds with letters and then blending the sounds together to form words.
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The term 'phonics' was first used in 1841 by the English educator, Samuel Wilderspin. The first phonics program was developed by a British educator, Horace Mann, in 1844. The International Phonetic Alphabet was created in 1888 and has been modified many times over the years.
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How would you explain the concept of phonics to someone who has never heard of it before?
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How confident do you feel about your phonics knowledge?
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