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5th grade review 1

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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
This weekend we Celebrate the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. What does this mean to you?
2. Word cloud
120 seconds
Name one branch of science?
3. Slide
60 seconds
Science is the study of the natural world and how it works. Scientists use experiments to test their theories and understand the world. Science helps us to understand the world around us and develop new technologies.
Exploring the Wonders of Science
4. Slide
60 seconds
The average human body has enough iron to make a nail 3 inches long. A light-year is the distance that light travels in one year. It’s about 6 trillion miles The temperature in space is about -455 degrees Fahrenheit. That's colder than anything on Earth!
Did you know?
5. Open question
300 seconds
How do cells work together to form different parts of the human body?
6. Open question
300 seconds
What are the different types of rocks, and how do they form?
7. Open question
300 seconds
What would happen to the human body if it did not have cells?
8. Open question
300 seconds
What role does the water cycle play in the formation of different types of rocks?
9. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Draw a circle on the paper, now turn it into the best ice cream cone you've ever had! Don't forget the toppings.
10. Drawings
1260 seconds
Question: How can we use science to help the environment? Clues: • Learn about the different ways our actions affect the environment. • Think of ways to conserve natural resources. • Discover what technologies are available to help. A. Draw ideas to reduce our environmental impact. .
11. Poll
60 seconds
What is the closest star to Earth?
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
12. Poll
60 seconds
What is the name of the force that pulls objects towards each other?
  • Electricity
  • Balanced
  • Gravity
  • Friction
13. Poll
60 seconds
What is the smallest unit of matter?
  • Atom
  • Element
  • Molecule
  • Cell
14. Poll
60 seconds
Which gas do plants absorb during photosynthesis?
  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Nitrogen (N2)
15. Poll
60 seconds
What type of energy can be obtained from a dam?
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Thermal Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Hydropower Energy
16. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: come up with an example for each of Newton’s Laws

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