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6th Grade Literary Genres


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A GENRE is a STYLE of WRITING Name two genres of books you might read?
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Learning Target: Students will be able to identify elements and characteristics of a variety of literary genres by analyzing their unique features and themes in a digital Breakout activity.
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Agenda: - Quick review of genres in Curipod presentation - Reminders on how to play Breakout Edu games & review tips for success - Solve clues in Breakout Edu game about genres - Check out books
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MYSTERY: story with a PUZZLE or SUSPENSE to be solved. FANTASY: story takes place in IMAGINARY worlds with MAGICAL creatures. REALISTIC FICTION: story is related to REAL LIFE settings and experiences.
Genre Examples
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HISTORICAL FICTION: story takes place in the past. SCIENCE FICTION: story about the impact of actual or imagined science upon society or individuals. INFORMATIONAL: NON-Fiction text that INFORMS or EDUCATES.
Genre Examples Continued
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Which type (genre) of books do you prefer?
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Informational
  • Historical
  • Science Fiction

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