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7th & 8th Leader Characteristics

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Name one quality of a great leader?
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Characteristics of a Great Leader
Great leaders have a vision and know how to communicate it. Good leaders are excellent problem solvers and make tough decisions. Great leaders are inspiring, motivating, and create a positive work environment.
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Characteristics of a Great Leader
Vision: A great leader has a vision of what they want to accomplish and sets clear goals to reach it.
Communication: A great leader is able to communicate their vision and goals to others in a clear and effective way.
Motivation: A great leader is able to motivate those around them to work towards a common goal and achieve success.
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Did you know?
Great leaders often have a strong natural curiosity and desire to learn new things. Studies have shown that great leaders tend to have a higher emotional intelligence than their peers. Many great leaders have a unique ability to recognize potential in others, and bring out the best in them.
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What makes a good leader? What qualities do you think are most important?

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