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8/30 Target Marketing

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Wednesday 8/30
Target Market
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Who How Why
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Target Market is the segment of the market chosen as the best potental customers of a product Companies choose a target market then build their marketing campaign based off what will appeal most to their target market
Target Market
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Target Market vs. Market Segmentation
Market segmentation helps you determine your target market Market segmentation is the analysis and grouping of the potential customers of a product based on Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and Behavioral Factors Your target market is the group you choose to target with your product
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How to Target
Using Psychographic and Behavioral segmentation determine what your target best responds to Social Media Marketing Radio Marketing TV Advertisements Celebrity endorsement Print Ads
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Why would a company choose a target market?
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How can businesses identify their target market?
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What strategies could a business use to target their audience?
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What would be the target market for this product?
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Brain break: Draw a bunny driving a car and honking its horn
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What is target marketing?
  • Selling products without any specific audience
  • Marketing products to multiple markets simultaneously
  • A marketing strategy aimed at a specific group of consumers
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Why is identifying a target market important for a businesses?
  • It allows businesses to sell their products to a wider audience
  • Target marketing has no significant impact on business success
  • It helps businesses focus their resources on reaching the most relevant consumers
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How do businesses identify their target market?
  • By conducting market research and analyzing consumer demographics, psychographics and behaviors
  • By randomly selecting a group of people as the target market
  • Businesses don't need to identify their target market
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What are some common ways in which businesses use target marketing?
  • Developing products based on consumer preferences
  • Both of the above
  • Creating personalized advertising campaigns
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Wrap Up
Worksheet activity Isaac send video for opener tomorrow

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