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1. Word cloud
90 seconds
Key words relating to coasts!
2. Poll
20 seconds
Deposition is caused by...
  • Destructive waves
  • Constructive waves
  • Erosion
  • Sediment
3. Poll
20 seconds
Which of these is NOT formed by erosion.
  • Cave
  • Bay
  • Spit
  • Stack
4. Drawings
180 seconds
Draw an emotion you have felt this term.
5. Drawings
210 seconds
Draw a coast! :)
6. Drawings
240 seconds
Explain how erosion forms caves, and how these eventually turn into stumps.
7. Drawings
240 seconds
Explain the formation of headlands and bays (consider hard and soft rock).
8. Drawings
240 seconds
Draw your holiday plans!
9. Drawings
270 seconds
Draw a picture of us on the excursion next term on the beach conducting research and gathering data and NOT swimming because this is not a swimming excursion but it will be still be a fun day.

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