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8th Grade Formal Email

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Tech Integration - 9/19/23
Mr. Huntington
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Let's play...Vindictive
Everyone stand up please! Raise your hand to answer a ?. If you answer correctly, pick 3 people to sit down. If you answer incorrectly, sit down. If you already sat down, you can still answer. If you answer correctly, pick 2 people to sit down and stand up again! Last person standing wins (prize included).
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How to Write a Formal Email to Your Teacher
Start with a polite salutation. Ex: 'Dear Mr. Huntington.' Be concise and clear in your message. Include the purpose of the email in the first sentence. End with a polite closing. Ex: 'Sincerely, [Your Name]'
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Did you know?
It's important to use the same tone in an email as you would in an in-person conversation with your teacher. An EMAIL is NOT A TEXT - considered a formal way of communicating. Always remember to include a meaningful subject line so that your teacher can easily identify the purpose of your email. When addressing a teacher, make sure to use their full name or their last name with the appropriate title, such as Mr. or Mrs.
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6. Open question
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What type of information should you include in a formal email to your teacher?
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How can you make sure your email is professional and respectful?
8. Drawings
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Draw a hamburger with legs and arms doing a dance.
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In pairs: Select one task
Question: You are an 8th grade student and need to write a formal email to ALL of your teachers at once. You are expressing that you will miss a week of school for a vacation. How do you do it?
Use the 6 email etiquette strategies and components (To, Subject Line, Greeting, Content, Closing, Final Check) Start the email by introducing yourself and the purpose of your email. Be clear and concise with your message and use proper grammar and spelling.
A: Write a draft of the email as a pair or trio. B: Include the components as well as a 2-3 sentence message. C: We will vote on which group had the best email!
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What is an appropriate greeting to use when addressing your teacher in a formal email?
  • Hey Teacher
  • Hi
  • Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name]
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Which of the following is not important to include in the subject line of a formal email to your teacher?
  • Your favorite color
  • The class or subject you are writing about
  • The purpose of the email
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How should you address your teacher throughout the body of the formal email?
  • Using a nickname
  • Using their first name
  • Using their last name (e.g., Mr./Ms. [Last Name])
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What should you do before sending a formal email to your teacher?
  • Include jokes and memes
  • Use lots of emojis
  • Proofread for grammar and spelling errors
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What is an appropriate way to end a formal email to your teacher?
  • From, Your BFF
  • Sincerely, [Your Full Name]
  • Bye!
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To end class...
Did you send your formal email (it will be graded!) Did you complete the document making sure you were proficient in each category on GC? If you did - let's play Gimkit!! For next class - we will discuss the first video project - How-to write a formal email!

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