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AI in the Classroom - Conference!

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Reducing Workload and Boosting Classroom Performance with AI
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Our goals for this session
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Who are we?
4. Poll
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Where would you put yourself with your digital capabilities in the classroom?
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
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How would you compare your digital capabilities to those of your students?
  • Behind Them
  • With Them
  • Ahead of Them
6. Word cloud
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Which sites/ learning tools do you currently use in your planning or in class with your students?
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Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence (AI):
What is AI and how is it different?
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A Brief History of AI
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AI will continue to help us with mundane tasks, allowing us to focus on creative pursuits. AI will be used to diagnose diseases (thanks Deepmind), solve complex problems and make predictions. AI will be used to create more efficient systems, increase productivity and create innovative solutions
It's not new and it's not stopping!
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3D mapping of DNA proteins. 200 million proteins Whole phD (5 years) to map 1. Would have been 1 billion years.... It only took 5 years to build the AI that can map a protein in seconds!
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Privacy Bias Ethical challenges Job loss
12. Personalised Feedback
120 seconds
What was something you learned or found interesting?
13. Drawings
360 seconds
Draw a dinosaur playing soccer on the moon while wearing a cape.
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AI Classroom Examples
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Chat Bots
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1. Chat GPT
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Amazing for breaking through brain blocks. Writing exemplars - write a paragraph on _____ without any punctuation. Write 10 em-dash sentences about _____. Write an excerpt suitable for 12 year olds to help them practise inferring. Provide 10 follow up questions to go with it and give answers. Only has knowledge up to 2021.
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2. Bing Chat AI
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It cites its sources. Can ask it to produce follow up questions for a specific text/article on the internet. It runs up to date and has knowledge of current events.
What makes it different?
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3. Google BARD
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Choose one of the chat bot examples; - Chat GPT - Bing AI Chat (will need to open in Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome) - Google BARD (will need to sign up using personal Google account and wait to be approved) Consider how it could take some Term 3 planning off your plate!
Have a Go!
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Lesson Planning
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What we've used in this session! Give it a topic and it produces the outline for an engaging lesson. Often requires editing and personalising but gives the structure and capabilities that we previously would have used many sites for (Wordcloud, Padlet, Mentimeter).
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Give it the grade, learning context and specifics of the lesson that you want. Gives a written outline of what that lesson looks like. Can then use in conjunction with ChatGPT or Bing Chat e.g. when it says,
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Create stylish presentations. Many aspects to integrate into presentations, including images. Integrated image generation tool Can narrate presentation and record Exports easily to PDF
6. Tome
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Choose one of the AI lesson planning examples; - - - Tome Consider how it could take some Term 3 planning off your plate!
Have a Go!
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Text to Image D-ID Presenter Soundraw
7. Canva Apps
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Produces copyright free music in your desired genre.
8. Soundful
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Range of creative generative technologies
9. Runway
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Choose one of the multimedia examples; Canva Soundful Runway Consider how it could take some Term 3 planning off your plate!
Have a Go!
32. Open question
180 seconds
What is your one thing from today?

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