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Abolition Movement

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In a few words, what is the Abolition Movement?
The abolitionist movement was an organized effort to end the practice of slavery in the United States. The first leaders of the campaign, which took place from about 1830 to 1870, mimicked some of the same tactics British abolitionists had used to end slavery in Great Britain in the 1830s. Though it started as a movement with religious underpinnings, abolitionism became a controversial political issue that divided much of the country. Supporters and critics often engaged in heated debates and violent— even deadly—confrontations. The divisiveness and animosity fueled by the movement, along with other factors, led to the Civil War and ultimately the end of slavery in America.
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The Abolition Movement
The Abolition Movement was a political effort to end slavery in the United States in the 19th century. Led by African Americans, it was a struggle for freedom, equality, and justice. Important figures of the movement included Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and Sojourner Truth.
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What do you think was the most important factor in the success of the Abolition Movement?
  • Organized protests and rallies
  • The work of abolitionists
  • The writings of Frederick Douglass
  • Other
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Did you know?
In 1808, the United States passed a law to abolish the importation of slaves from Africa. The first anti-slavery society was created in 1775 by Quakers in Philadelphia. In the early 19th century, some slave owners in the United States were paid for freeing their slaves.
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What are some of the key people and events that helped bring about the Abolition Movement?
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How did the Abolition Movement change the lives of those who were enslaved?
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What were some key events and figures that contributed to the success of the Abolition Movement in the United States?
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What do you think were some of the biggest challenges faced by those who fought for the Abolition Movement?
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What can we learn from the Abolition Movement today?

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