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Act 2 King Lear

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1. Word cloud
40 seconds
Why does Edmund fight Edgar? (one word)
2. Open question
200 seconds
List three similarities between Edmund and Cornwall
3. Poll
60 seconds
Who do you think is more evil?
  • Lear
  • Goneril
  • Edmund
  • Cornwall
4. Drawings
270 seconds
Draw the scene of Edmund and Edgar fighting
5. Poll
60 seconds
Who puts who in the stocks?
  • Kent puts Cornwall
  • Regan puts Gloucester
  • Cornwall puts Kent
  • Kent puts Oswald
6. Open question
190 seconds
Who becomes Poor Tom? Why?
7. Open question
210 seconds
What does Gloucester mean when he says “you know the fiery quality of the duke [Cornwall], how unremovable and fixed he is in his own course”? 
8. Word cloud
30 seconds
With one word, describe how Lear feels by the end of act 2.

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