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Adaptive and Generative AI for ALL students


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1. Open question
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What do you know about adaptive and generative Artificial Intelligence?
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What can AI already do? (Mike Soskil)
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Hard Fork Podcast
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Prompt Framework - PREP & EDIT
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Adaptive AI can customize learning experiences to match each student's needs. Generative AI can create personalized learning content to engage students. These technologies have the potential to improve learning outcomes for all students.
Adaptive and Generative AI for ALL Students
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Adaptive AI: A type of artificial intelligence that is able to automatically adjust to changing conditions and environments. It can interpret data and determine the best response or action. Generative AI: An AI system that is capable of creating new content or data based on existing data and patterns. Examples include natural language generators, image generators, and music generators. ALL Students: A term used to refer to students from all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. It is used to emphasize the importance of providing equal access to education and resources.
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Adaptive and Generative AI can help students learn faster by tailoring lessons to the individual student. AI can be used to detect learning difficulties in students, such as dyslexia, and to provide extra support. Generative AI can be used to create virtual tutors that provide personalized feedback and instruction to students.
Did you know?
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AI Tools & Resources
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Chat GPT Bing Chat Canva "Magic" Dall-E Curipod Education Copilot
AI Tools & Resources
10. Open question
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Work together in pairs: How can these tools be used to "level the playing field" for ALL ?
11. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What challenges do you anticipate when implementing AI-based learning strategies for all students?

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