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Adobe intro animation to voice - Day 3

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Tech Integration - 9/18/23 Mr. Huntington
Today we will be creating our first project in Adobe Express - Voice to Animation! This skill will be useful for: Enhancing presentations Helps students that don't like to appear on camera. Wowing your less tech savvy teachers Can use with TikTok, Facebook and Instagram
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In a few words share what you did this weekend!
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What do you think the coolest feature of the iPhone 15 is?
  • Battery Life
  • USB-C
  • Film camera
  • Titanium body
  • Gaming Capabilities
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Do Now...
Go to Google Classroom. Open Today's Assignment. Navigate to Adobe Express (Mr. Huntington can help you)
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Let's head to the LLC
Expectations in the LLC Work Quietly Be Respectful Record your voice using the prompt background. Once recording is finished - see Mr. Huntington for next steps.
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Creative Challenge - About Me Animation
This project will get you logged into Adobe Express and used to using one of the many tools - voice to animation! Let's navigate to the website and start working! Use the prompts on the background panel (Name, what you are looking forward to, favorite food, time of day, something you hope for someday). Record in a quiet space - we are going to the LLC to record. Once recording is done and you have listened back - wait for the next instructions from Mr. Huntington!
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Next we will...
You should see two options - download and open in Adobe Express. Click on Open in Adobe Express. We are now going to add text boxes and animation to our video.
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Next we will...
Once you have added your textboxes, we can add ANIMATION to those boxes. Lastly, let's add some music to our animation! Let's download and share to GC and Submit!
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How confident are you with creating a voice to animation in Adobe Express?
  • Very confident✨
  • Somewhat confident🙂
  • Not very confident😕
  • Not at all confident😟
  • I have no idea🤷‍♀️

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