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Annabel Lee

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Name one literary device found in Edgar Allan Poe's poetry:
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Repetition: Poe uses repetition to emphasize the depth of his love for Annabel Lee. What is a phrase repeated in the poem?
Literary Devices in Edgar Allan Poe's
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Alliteration: A literary device in which a succession of words with the same beginning consonant sound are used to create rhythm and emphasis. Metaphor: A literary device in which one thing is compared to another without using like or as. Personification: A literary device in which an inanimate object or abstraction is given human characteristics or qualities.
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Which words best capture the mood of Edgar Allan Poe's 'Annabel Lee'?
  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Personification
  • Hyperbole
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The poem is written in the style of a ballad, which is a lyrical narrative poem composed in a rhythmic way. The poem employs a literary device called anaphora, which is the repetition of a phrase at the beginning of consecutive lines or clauses.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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What symbolism is used in 'Annabel Lee'?
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How does Edgar Allan Poe use personification in his poem 'Annabel Lee'?
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What is the significance of the repetition of the phrase "in this kingdom by the sea" in Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee"?
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What emotions are evoked in the reader by the imagery in 'Annabel Lee'?
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In one word, what is the mood at the end of the poem?

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