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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is an atrocious movie, but it’s atrocious in a way that Marvel movies rarely are. Up until now, the films of the MCU have for the most part managed to strike up a decent blend of sentiment, jokey humor, and superhero derring-do. When they succeed, it’s because most of these elements are firing at full blast. When they fail, it’s usually because they pushed too hard in one direction or another — the movies are either too sentimental, or comic, or cluttered with unimpressive action scenes. I’ve loved and hated my share of these films (and, as a parent, I’ve had to see just about all of them multiple times), but I’ve never been quite so stupefied by one the way I was by Quantumania. How does the writer use language (word choice, imagery, sentence structure and tone) to show his disappointment in the new Marvel film (4 marks)

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