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Anti - Bullying

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2. Open question
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What is a bully?
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4. Drawings
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What does bullying look like to you?
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What Are the Types of Bullying
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Cyber
  • All of the Above
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name calling making fun of someone laughing at someone leaving someone out on purpose starting rumors or telling lies about someone sending mean messages on a computer or cell phone trying to make someone feel bad about who they are/what they look like
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hitting pushing & shoving fighting tripping yelling at someone making rude gestures taking or breaking another person’s things
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Using Technology: sending mean text messages posting statements online that are unkind or not true sending or posting pictures that are not yours to share making negative comments online about someone agreeing with someone who posts something hurtful
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Which ones? Raise your hand and share what feelings can come from bullying
Bullying can lead to strong emotions
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Report Stand up for yourself (in a positive way) Walk away Talk to Someone Be an Upstander Show Empathy
Next Steps
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Empathy is "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another." Example: Sympathy : "I see you are hurting" Empathy : "I see you are hurting. I have been through the same experience before and I also felt sad about getting cyberbullied. I am coping with it by talking to friends. Have you tried that?"
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Upstanders do their best to support and protect their peers. On the other hand, a bystander is someone who sees bullying happening but does not do anything to stop it.
Upstander vs. Bystander
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What did you notice in the video?
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Class Notes- How to Handle Bullying
16. Drawings
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Icebreaker: Draw a picture of a giant hamburger riding a skateboard while wearing a top hat
17. Poll
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What is the best way to handle bullying?
  • Ignore it
  • Confront the bully
  • Tell an adult
  • Fight back
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What should you do if you see someone being bullied?
  • Laugh at them
  • Encourage the bully to stop
  • Tell an adult
  • Join in
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Who can you talk to about bullying?
  • A teacher
  • A parent
  • A friend
  • A bully
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What is the best way to react when someone is bullying you?
  • Yell at them
  • Ignore them
  • Fight back
  • Tell an adult
21. Open question
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One thing you would use from today's lesson that would help make you better?

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