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Author's purpose and craft


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1st Let's listen to this video and takes some notes! 2nd Text structures
Flocabulary-Author's purpose video
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In a few words, what is the author's purpose and craft?
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Authors use craft to communicate a message, or purpose, to readers. The purpose can be to inform, persuade, or entertain. To understand author's purpose, readers must analyze the words and techniques used.
Author's Purpose & Craft
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The author's purpose is the reason why the author wrote the piece of writing. It can be to inform, to persuade, to entertain, or to explain. The author's craft is the techniques and devices used by an author to create a desired effect in the writing. Examples include figurative language, imagery, and word choice.
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Syntax is the way words are arranged in a sentence to create meaning. It includes such things as word order, sentence length, and punctuation.
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What do you think is the author's purpose and craft when creating a story?
  • To entertain readers
  • To express his/her own ideas and feelings
  • To inform readers about a topic
  • To persuade readers to change their views on a topic
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Authors often use narrative techniques like metaphors and similes to make their writing more interesting and engaging. Authors sometimes use literary devices like alliteration and personification to create a more vivid and memorable experience for readers. The use of imagery and symbolism can help authors to convey a deeper meaning or emotion in their writing.
Did you know?
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What techniques do authors use to communicate their purpose and craft?
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How does an author's purpose and craft shape the text?
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What elements of an author's purpose and craft stand out to you?
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How have you seen an author's purpose and craft affect the text?

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