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1. Word cloud
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What is one word that describes how you feel about being back to school?
2. Slide
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REMINDER: Admin has access to your lockers No sharing lockers Keep your lockers locked If you still have issues with your locker, let me know DON’T GIVE OUT YOUR COM
3. Open question
120 seconds
Look at your schedule. If you have a question, please type it in.
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11:22-12:17 Eat with the right color MUST have your ID More expectations will be reviewed by Mr. Ford during lunch ONLY WATER allowed back in the classroom
5. Poll
20 seconds
What is your lunch choice?
  • Hot lunch
  • A la Carte
  • Cold
  • Depends on the menu
6. Slide
60 seconds
Any damage? (screen cracks, not charging, lost) Ipads NEED to be charged for your school day
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No cell phones in class. No cell phones at lunch and recess. No cell phones in bathrooms or locker rooms You CAN check phones at your locker Earbuds stay in your locker unless directed by the teacher.
8. Poll
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How do you get to school most days?
  • Bus
  • Walk/Ride Bike
  • Dropped off by adult
  • Dropped off by sibling
9. Slide
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7:20 building entry Enter and exit from Door 2 (Band/Choir) Stay in grade level hallways 3 minutes passing time between classes What does Respect, Responsibility, and Teamwork look like in the halls. . . more to come
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Students will keep bathrooms clean Students will not take cell phones and iPads to the bathroom Bathrooms should be used before and after school, passing time, and at lunch Bathrooms should be used for intended purposes If you need to use the bathroom during class, make sure you ask an adult and set a SmartPass.
11. Poll
60 seconds
What celebration sounds the most fun to you?
  • Friday Fun Nights
  • Spirit Weeks/ Dress up days
  • Raider Student of the Month
  • House incentives
  • Homeroom Challenge
  • 7th grade EOY Field Day
12. Poll
60 seconds
Which Raider Way Life Skill do you feel you do your best?
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
13. Slide
60 seconds
On Mondays Start class by filling out homeroom reflection sheet. Email home. Live announcements Focus skill with activity Homework, if time
14. Poll
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How did I use my Go Time last year?
  • Homework
  • Read a book
  • Played on my Ipad
  • Requested different teachers
15. Slide
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Go Time Expectations
-Request in Edficiency to see a teacher about your learning. -Teachers can also request to see you to provide extra opportunities for your learning. -Be assigned to an XLT where you can complete practice work, read or work on other school related activities (ie NO YouTube or games). -Students must attend the GO Time session they are assigned in Edficiency - Be proactive; request a teacher you would like to see the day before in Edficiency -Same day requests need to be made with the teacher and may not be granted -Be in your assigned classroom when the bell rings -Jackets and backpacks are to remain in lockers until 2:55 -If you are unsure of how to use Edficiency please ask

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