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Beyond the Book - "Eleven"

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1. Open question
390 seconds
Your friends are great one on one. But when they get together, they’re mean. It really bothers you when they make fun of people. How can you address this?
2. Open question
390 seconds
You rode the bus to school today and on the way in people are pointing and laughing at you. You go in the bathroom and see that you have pink gum all over the back of your pants. What could you do?
3. Open question
360 seconds
Your friends came over to your house for a movie night. One of your friends brought another friend so there are more people than you planned for. You want to pass out the drinks but you only have five cans of soda and you need 6 for everyone to have one. What could you do?
4. Open question
390 seconds
One of your friends always chews with his/her mouth open. It’s gross—all those saliva-slimed, maggoty, masticated morsels of chopper-chomped chow. (Told you it was gross.) How could you address this delicate subject with your friend?

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