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Broadcast Journalism


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1. Word cloud
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In broadcast journalism, what is the purpose of the anchor?
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Broadcast journalism is a form of news media that is delivered via radio or television. Broadcast journalists are responsible for gathering, writing, and producing news stories for radio and television. Broadcast journalism offers students the opportunity to explore a creative and dynamic field of communication.
Broadcast Journalism
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Broadcast Journalism: The practice of gathering and disseminating news and information through electronic media, such as radio and television. Audience: The group of people who a broadcast is intended to reach. News Gathering: The process of collecting all of the information necessary to create a broadcast news story.
4. Poll
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Do you think broadcast journalism is still relevant today?
  • Yes, it is a valuable tool for keeping people informed.
  • No, there are better ways to get news.
  • Maybe, it depends on the topic.
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Broadcast journalism often relies on satellite technology to report live from remote locations. Broadcast journalism is sometimes used to refer to both radio and television journalism. The first television news broadcast aired in 1928 in the United Kingdom.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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What are the differences between paper journalism and broadcast journalism?
7. Open question
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How has broadcast journalism been used to inform people during times of crisis?
8. Open question
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What do you think are the pros and cons of broadcast journalism compared to paper journalism?
9. Open question
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What do you think the future of broadcast journalism looks like?

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