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CKLA Lesson 12

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Sensory details are words that appeal to the five senses, like smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste. Using sensory details can help readers create a vivid image in their mind when they read. Including sensory details is a great way to make writing more interesting!
What are Sensory Details?
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Name one sensory detail that you might experience at the park.
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Sight: the ability to see. It is the primary sense used to detect and perceive the physical environment. Hearing: the ability to detect sound. It allows us to interpret speech, music, and other sounds. Smell: the ability to detect odors. It helps us recognize and differentiate between different smells and aromas.
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Activity Page 12.4 Reading "A View from Earth" Think as you Read!!
5. Open question
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What are some examples of sensory details in the story "A View from Earth?"
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We are going to go on a sensory field trip right now! Bring activity page 12.1 with you
7. Open question
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What is ONE sensory description that you wrote down on activity page 12.1?
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How might you use sensory details when writing a story?
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Surprise Narrative
Use activity page 10.2 to brainstorm a narrative where you were surprised!! After you complete 10.2, you will be creating a comic strip to tell your story. Use sensory details!! Make sure the event is sequenced correctly!
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Worst Meal Paragraph: 12.2
Be sure to include: Where and when the meal took place Who was there Who prepared it What conversations took place How the food looked, smelled, and tasted What the food sounded like when you cut it or chewed it The food's texture

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