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A short intro by Aileen Wallace, age 49 1/2
Welcome to Curipod
2. Poll
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How are you feeling about using A.I. In your classroom?
  • No idea what it is
  • No thanks
  • Yes please
3. Open question
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What are the pros of using AI in your classroom?
4. Open question
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What are the cons of using AI in your classroom?
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Curipod allows teachers to create and share interactive lessons, assignments, and assessments with students. Curipod provides a library of ready-made activities and lesson plans that can be adapted to fit a variety of classroom needs and learning styles.
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Curipod permet aux enseignants de créer et de partager des leçons interactives, des devoirs et des évaluations avec les élèves. Curipod fournit une bibliothèque d'activités et de plans de leçon prêts à l'emploi qui peuvent être adaptés pour répondre à une variété de besoins de classe et de styles d'apprentissage.
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Online Guides
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Formative assessment Engagement Check understanding Projects Polls Refresh lessons Create new lessons quickly
Using Curipod
9. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw an octopus playing the drums
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Seeing results
11. Personalised Feedback
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How would you describe Curipod?
12. Drawings
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Which AI task would you be most interested in using?
13. Drawings
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How could Curipod be used to support student learning?
14. Open question
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What challenges might you face while using Curipod in your classroom?
15. Open question
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What is one thing you learned today about using Curipod?
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