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Can you name two punctuation marks?

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Can you name two punctuation marks?
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End of Term English: Punctuation and Grammar
Learn the proper use of punctuation and grammar in your writing. Practice using commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks correctly. Review rules of spelling, capitalisation, and sentence structure.
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Did you know?
The punctuation mark '@' is actually called an 'at sign' or 'at symbol' and is used to denote 'at a particular place or time' The '#' symbol is called the 'number sign' or 'pound sign' and was initially used to denote numbers in telephone numbers The '&' symbol is called an 'ampersand' and is derived from a combination of the Latin word for 'and' (et) and the Greek word for 'and' (amp)
4. Open question
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What punctuation and grammar rules do you think are the most important to remember?
5. Open question
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What changes would you make to the way English grammar and punctuation are taught?
6. Open question
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How have your writing and communication skills improved this term?
7. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a flying pig with wings made out of jellybeans
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Which punctuation mark is used to end a sentence to show strong emotion?
  • . (Period)
  • ? (Question mark)
  • ! (Exclamation mark)
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What is the correct way to write this sentence: she enjoy playing soccer.
  • She enjoy's playing soccer.
  • She enjoiys playing soccer.
  • She enjoys playing soccer.
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Which of the following sentences is written in the past tense?
  • I am going to school now.
  • I went to school yesterday.
  • I will go to school tomorrow.
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What does a comma indicate in a sentence?
  • A pause or separation between words or phrases
  • The end of a sentence
  • A question or exclamation
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Which sentence has correct subject-verb agreement?
  • They plays football on weekends.
  • They play football on weekends.
  • They played football on weekends.
13. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What are the two main punctuation marks that you should use to end a sentence?
14. Drawings
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Drawing activity: Draw a meat pie eating a human while watching a football game.
15. Drawings
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In pairs: Select one task
Question: The school year is coming to an end. Your teacher has asked you to create a project about punctuation and grammar. How can you present this information in a creative way?
Think outside the box and come up with a unique way of presenting the information. What materials could you use to show the main points? How could you make the project interactive?
A: Work in pairs to create a drawing to explain your solution. B: Write a short explanation of your drawing and how it relates to punctuation and grammar.

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