Cell Organelles


Activities to recap different cell organelles, what they look like and what they do. A mixture of in

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1. Title & media
60 seconds
Comparing animal and plant cells
2. Bullets
60 seconds
Using the labels provided fill in the cell organelles
  • You have 5 minutes to draw the cell organelles into the right cell
  • Use the labels provided to show what each of the organelles are called
  • Which is the plant cell and which is the animal cell
  • Decide what should be inside the plant cell, the animal cell, or both
  • We vote on the best drawing!
3. Drawings
450 seconds
Q: Draw the cell organelles using the labels provided
4. Bullets
60 seconds
2 minutes to Ask questions about cell organelles. Some starters below:
  • What does a ....... do?
  • Why does a plant need a .......... and not an animal?
  • Your own awesome question!
5. Q&A
210 seconds
Q: Ask anything about cell organelles
6. Bullets
60 seconds
Group work
Each team has 10 minutes to discuss one of the
  • Split the class into 5 teams
  • Each team is assigned one of the top 5 questions
  • Everyone has 20 minutes as a team to try to answer the question
  • Each team will present their findings to the class
7. Bullets
60 seconds
Come up with a phrase to help remember the names of the cell organelles
  • Using the starting letter of each of the cell organelles create a phrase
  • You can choose to do either an animal or plant cell
  • We will vote for the best phrase and use it to help us remember the names of the cell organelles
8. Open question
210 seconds
Q: Come up with a funny phrase to help you remember the names of the cell organelles

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