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Ch 2 Lesson 3

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Ch. 2 Lesson 3
Land & Water
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How does geography influence the way people live?
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How does geography influcence the way people live?
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Land Takes Different Forms
Guiding Question: What kinds of landforms cover Earth’s surface?
What is the land like where you live? Are unique landforms located in your area? Have you ever wondered how different kinds of landforms were created? The surface of Earth is covered with landforms and bodies of water. Our planet is filled with variety on land and under water.
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Surface Features on Land
Earth has many different landforms. Scientists group them by characteristics, such as elevation. Elevation describes how far above sea level a landform or a location is Coastland and deep valleys may only be a few feet above sea level Mountains and highlands may be several thousand feet above sea level Flat areas, such as the Great Plains, can have high elevations
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Surface features on Land Cont.
Plateau rises above the surrounding land. A steep cliff often forms at least one side of a plateau Plains can be flat or have a gentle roll and can be found along coastlines or far inland A valley is a lowland area between two higher sides Islands are landmasses that are surrounded by water, but they are much smaller than continents. A peninsula is a long, narrow area that extends into a river, a lake, or an ocean. Peninsulas at one end are connected to a larger landmass. An isthmus is a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas
6. Drawings
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Draw any of the landforms from the previous slide: Peninsula, Valley, Isthmus, Plateau, Plains, Island. Make sure to write which landform you picked, and what makes it that type of landform.
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The Ocean Floor
The ocean floor is also covered by different landforms and is a part of Earth's crust One type of ocean landform is the continental shelf. A continental shelf is an underwater plain that borders a continent. Continental shelves usually end at cliffs or downward slopes to the ocean floor. The deepest location on Earth is the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. A trench is a long, narrow, steep-sided cut in the ground or on the ocean floor. Mountains on the ocean floor can be as tall as Mount Everest. Undersea mountains can also form ranges. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the longest underwater mountain range, is longer than any mountain range on land.
8. Open question
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How is a valley similar to an ocean trench?

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