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Character Traits + Evidence

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In a few words, name one character trait that you noticed in the novel Broken Grass by Sally Grindley?
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Look at how characters speak and act in the novel. Look for details in the descriptions of characters. Analyze the relationships between characters to gain more insight.
Finding Evidence on Character Traits in "Broken Grass"
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Characterization: The process of conveying information about a character in a literary work. Direct Characterization: When the author explicitly states information about a character’s traits or behaviors. Indirect Characterization: When the author provides clues or hints about a character’s traits or behaviors through a character’s thoughts, words, and actions.
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In Broken Grass, Sally Grindley uses a unique narrative structure that blends different time periods together. The novel contains a variety of characters with different character traits, including stubbornness, loyalty, and determination. Broken Grass contains a number of memorable quotes that help to highlight the character traits of the various characters.
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What evidence can you find in the novel Broken Grass by Sally Grindley that reveals the main character's determination and resilience?

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