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In a few words, how would you describe characterization?
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Characterization is the process of creating and developing characters in a story. Characterization can be done through the characters' physical traits, dialogue, behavior, and thoughts. By analyzing characters, readers can better understand the story's themes and messages.
Characterization: Analyzing Characters in a Story
3. Personalised Feedback
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"Write a story where the protagonist is a villain and the antagonist is a hero."
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Characterization is the process of creating and describing characters in a story. The author will use a variety of methods to reveal a character’s personality, including appearance, dialogue, and actions. Good characterization allows readers to connect with characters and understand their motivations.
Characterization in Literature
5. Poll
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What is the most important aspect of characterization when reading a novel?
  • The development of the protagonist
  • The depth of the plot
  • The emotions of the characters
  • The dialogue between characters
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Characterization is the process of giving characters in a story unique and individual traits. The purpose of characterization is to make characters come alive and make them seem like real people. Most characters in literature are not based off of real people, but rather are imaginary creations of the author.
Did you know?
7. Personalised Feedback
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How does the author use dialogue and actions to reveal the personality traits of the main character in the story?
8. Drawings
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Question: In the story 'The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn', what is the characterization of Jim? Clues: • Jim is a runaway slave from Missouri. • He is a loyal friend to Huck. • He is wise beyond his years. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Draw a picture of Jim with a caption that explains his character traits. B. Make a list of words or phrases that accurately describe Jim's character.
9. Poll
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Would you rather be the hero in your own story or the villain in someone else's story?
  • Be the hero in your own story
  • Be the villain in someone else's story
10. Open question
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What do you infer?
11. Open question
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What are the primary methods used by authors to reveal character traits?

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