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The time at the end of you previos class is a good time for using the restroom, filling your water bottle or taking care of any other personal needs. Enter the room quietly and put your note on Mrs. Lasher's desk. Be on time and prepared for class with all needed materials- Computer, pencil, and Lab book. Agenda and items needed will be on the board. Keep phones and other devices off and out of sight during class. Earbuds out of ears. Headphones off.
Middle School Classroom Expectations
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Respect: treating people and property with kindness and consideration. Follow staff directions.. Integrity: Do the right thing so everyone can learn. Taking ownership of your behavior and actions, including showing up on time and following school rules. Be prepared with materials needed for class. Safety: Do no harm to self, others and property. Engaged: Actively participate, including contributing to discussions and completing required tasks.
3. Open question
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What are some of the benefits of having classroom rules?
4. Open question
300 seconds
What classroom rules do you think should be included?
5. Open question
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Explain how classroom rules help you learn more effectively?
6. Open question
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What are some of the consequences of not following classroom rules?
7. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a chicken doing a handstand ballet
8. Drawings
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Draw a mouse living in a house.
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Which of the following is a common rule in a classroom?
  • Talk loudly during lessons
  • Raise your hand before speaking
  • Use your phone during class
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Why is it important to follow classroom rules?
  • To make the teacher happy
  • To create a positive learning environment
  • To show off to classmates
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What should you do if you need to leave the classroom during a lesson?
  • Ask permission from the teacher
  • Wait until the end of class
  • Just leave without saying anything
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Why is it important to respect your classmates and their belongings?
  • So they will give you their things
  • Because they are always right
  • To foster positive relationships and prevent conflicts
13. Open question
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What are three classroom rules that you think are essential for a successful learning environment?
14. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw pig wearing a wig.

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