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Close Reading

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In a few words, what is close reading?
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Close reading is a method of analyzing a text in which you closely examine the language and structure of the work. Annotations are notes or comments you add to the text to help make connections to ideas and themes. By doing close readings and annotations, you can gain a better understanding of the text.
Close Reading and Annotations
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Close Reading: The practice of carefully analyzing a text or passage by breaking it into smaller parts and examining its meaning in detail. Annotation: A note or comment made in the margin of a book or document, typically to provide explanatory material or critical commentary. Text Analysis: A method of examination that involves breaking down a text into its component parts and considering how they interact to create meaning.
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Close reading and annotation can help to improve your critical thinking skills. Annotations can be used to help you remember important concepts from a text. Close reading and annotation can also help you to identify the structure of a text and how it is used to develop the author's point.
Did you know?
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What are some of the reasons why it is important to practice close reading and annotations?
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What strategies can you use to help you become a better close reader and annotator?
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How did close reading and annotations help you to better understand a text?
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What are some of the challenges you faced while practicing close reading and annotations?
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Brain break: Draw a happy dog wearing a crown and holding a microphone, singing on stage surrounded by flashing disco lights.
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What is the purpose of close reading?
  • To analyze and interpret a text
  • To summarize the main points of a text
  • To skim through a text quickly
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What does it mean to annotate a text?
  • To rewrite the entire text in your own words
  • To highlight every word in the text
  • To make notes and comments while reading
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In your opinion, which of the following is the best annotation technique?
  • Underlining key phrases or sentences
  • Drawing symbols or pictures to represent ideas
  • Writing summaries at the end of each paragraph
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Why is close reading important for understanding complex texts?
  • It saves time by skipping unnecessary details
  • It allows for casual reading without analysis
  • It helps uncover deeper meanings and nuances
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Which of these elements should you pay attention to during close reading?
  • Author's biography, publication date, and book cover design
  • Font style, page layout, and chapter titles
  • Character development, symbolism, and themes
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Work together in pairs: What strategies do you use to annotate and analyze a text closely?

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