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Common Nouns, Proper Nouns, and Verbs

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A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea Common nouns are words that name everyday things, like 'school' and 'book' Abstract nouns: Nouns that name an idea, emotion, or quality, such as "happiness", "honesty" or "love" Proper nouns are specific names, like 'Mrs. Spann' and 'Atlanta'
Types of Nouns
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Which is a common noun?
  • Georgia
  • state
  • Kennesaw
3. Open question
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What are some examples of common nouns?
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Which category do words like freedom, love, happiness belong to?
  • Countable nouns
  • Abstract nouns
  • Uncountable nouns
  • Concrete nouns
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True or False: Proper nouns are capitalized.
  • True
  • False
  • True
  • False
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Which word is a proper noun?
  • school
  • Hayes Elementary School
  • elementary school
7. Open question
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Write a sentence using the month you were born in it.
8. Drawings
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Draw a dinosaur eating spaghetti with a fork and knife
9. Open question
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What does every proper noun need?
10. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a Fox riding a bicycle.
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Action verbs are words that describe an action or movement. For example: run, jump, walk. Action verbs can also describe how someone feels. For example: laugh, cry, smile. Action verbs can help make your writing more descriptive. Use them to bring stories to life!
Action Verbs
12. Open question
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What are some examples of action verbs?
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Which action verb means to run very fast?
  • sprint
  • jump
  • crawl
  • walk
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What action verb means to eat quickly?
  • munch
  • bit
  • eat
  • devour
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Which action verb means to laugh loudly?
  • whisper
  • giggle
  • sob
  • dance
16. Open question
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Can you think of a sentence that uses a action verb?
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Would you rather become a famous proper noun, possess the ability to transform into any action verb, or stay an anonymous common noun?
  • Become a famous proper noun
  • Possess the ability to transform into any action verb
  • Stay an anonymous common noun

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