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Conflicts of Interest


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What is a conflict of interest?
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A conflict of interest exists when a person or organization is in a position to exploit their own interests or the interests of another party. This may create an unfair advantage for one party over another or lead to unethical decisions. It's important to be aware of potential conflicts of interest and to take steps to avoid them.
Conflicts of Interest
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Conflict of Interest: a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, financial or otherwise, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in the other. Ethics: a set of moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity. Transparency: the quality of being open and honest in the way information is shared.
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Conflicts of interest are not always illegal and may be managed by disclosing the potential conflict and then leaving it up to the other party to decide whether to proceed with the transaction. In the medical field, conflicts of interest such as when a doctor receives money from a pharmaceutical company for prescribing their drugs is called a “pay-for-prescribe” conflict. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has identified over 1,000 federal programs with conflicts of interest that are not managed or monitored.
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What is the importance of disclosing conflicts of interest in the professional world?
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How should organizations handle conflicts of interest within their businesses?
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In what ways have you seen conflicts of interest affect people and organizations in your own life?
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What strategies could you use to prevent conflicts of interest in the future?
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Brain break: Draw a tree wearing a shirt and pants, like a person.
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Question: You are a top executive of a large corporation. Your board of directors recently proposed a new policy that could create a conflict of interest for you. How would you assess the ethics of the situation? Clues: • Be aware of any potential ethical issues in the policy. • Consider the impact on the company’s stakeholders. • Think about the consequences of supporting the policy. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Work with a partner to create a diagram illustrating your ethical decision-making process. B. Explain how you would resolve the conflict of interest to the class.
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What is a conflict of interest?
  • A situation where a person's personal interests or loyalties clash with their professional duties
  • A disagreement between two parties that cannot be resolved
  • A legal contract between two parties
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What are some examples of conflicts of interest in the workplace?
  • Hiring family members, accepting gifts from clients, investing in competing companies
  • Taking sick leave when not actually sick, wearing inappropriate clothing to work, being tardy frequently
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Why is it important to disclose any conflicts of interest?
  • To avoid ethical and legal violations and maintain trust with colleagues and clients
  • To gain favor with superiors
  • To increase the likelihood of receiving promotions
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What should you do if you suspect someone else has a conflict of interest?
  • Report your suspicions to your supervisor or HR department
  • Ignore it and move on
  • Confront the person directly
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How can organizations prevent conflicts of interest?
  • Establish clear policies and procedures, provide training on ethical behavior, monitor employee activities for potential conflicts
  • Increase salaries to reduce financial pressures on employees who may be tempted by conflicting interests
  • Reduce communication among employees to limit potential for unethical behavior
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Work together in pairs: What are the potential risks of a conflict of interest in the workplace, and how can they be managed?

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