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This is a basic intro to using AI tools, such as Curipod for PD.

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1. Open question
210 seconds
What do you want to learn about AI and its role in education?
2. Poll
40 seconds
AI. . .
  • Scares the living heck out me.😬
  • Is interesting, and I want to learn more.🤔
  • Has no place in education.😡
3. Word cloud
150 seconds
Using one word answers, describe your feelings about using AI in the classroom.
4. Open question
330 seconds
What are your thoughts on the the question: Can AI tools replace traditional teachers?
5. Slide
60 seconds
I believe. . .
Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge, but also about shaping character, relationships, and building resilience. Our role will change, but you need a person to input the ideas!
6. Slide
60 seconds
What is Curipod?
7. Slide
60 seconds
Curipod is an Interactive Presentation Tool
It's what we are using right now and it's a mix of generated information and me building slides. Generators/Templates *Go back to Generator at ANY POINT during your lesson! Lessons (You input the topic and continue to interact with Curipod to create the perfect interactive lesson.) Activities (You choose the right modality for your learning outcome or Curipod chooses.) Polls - (1-10 options. You set the options or Curipod comes up with options.) Word Cloud (1-10 words. The words are populated in a word cloud. Shows # of times word was typed and you can preview words before they are put on the screen!) Drawing Activity (You come up with the topic or Curipod does. Participants can vote and you can delete a drawing before it's on the screen.) Open Question (You ask a question or Curipod comes up with the question based on your input.) Personalized Feedback (You are able to add answer expectations) Media (Grab their attention with fun backgrounds or GIFs (Jiffs-LOL) Background (Search Unsplash photos or use simple colors.) Upload (You may upload any of your media) Translate (Translate to any language)
8. Slide
60 seconds
Did You Know?
Curipod can "Curify" any of your Power Points or Google Slides you have already made!
9. Slide
60 seconds
Did You Know?
Curipod has a moderation tool!
10. Personalised Feedback
360 seconds
How do you think incorporating AI tools like Curipod in the classroom can enhance student learning and engagement?
11. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw a picture of how you feel right now!
12. Open question
420 seconds
What obstacles do you think educators face when using AI tools like Curipod in the classroom?
13. Poll
60 seconds
Which is most important to you when using AI as a teacher? Sorry, you may only choose one!
  • Providing avenues for teachers to get inspiration for lesson ideas.
  • Providing personalized feedback to students.
  • Providing an outcome to actively engage students in their learning.
14. Poll
60 seconds
Have you changed your mind about using AI tools in the classroom?
  • Yes, I can definitely see myself using Curipod.💯
  • Nope, I still think it's creepy.😱
  • I may use this in my classroom.👍
  • AI still has NO place in education.☠️
15. Slide
60 seconds
Now You Try!
Sign up for Curipod. Use the following code: Start Creating!

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