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Dangers of perfectionism


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In one word, how would you describe "perfectionism"?
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Now - we will watch the Bear Grylls video. Then we will watch the Dynamo video See what Dynamo says about learning this trick.
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Perfectionism can lead to an unhealthy obsession with perfection, causing stress and anxiety. Perfectionism can make it hard to take risks, as any failure can be seen as a disaster. Perfectionism can cause feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy when mistakes are made.
The Dangers of Perfectionism
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Perfectionism can Unrealistic Expectations: The belief that one must be perfect or fail completely.
Did you know?
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Why might the desire to be perfect actually limit progress?
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Brain break: Draw a imaginary creature that is half-panda and half-dragon wearing a party hat while playing a musical instrument.
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8. Drawings
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Work together in pairs: Can you come up with a slogan or a meme that encourages people to focus on progress rather than perfection?

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